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Diabetic Camp



Formation of independent people from the children of such category which is complicated due to their life-style is of great importance for their socio-psychological rehabilitation.  It is a painful problem in children who have shown diabetes at early ages (1-10 of age).  Actually, these children are chained with guardianship of their parents, having no idea of living without them.
To settle this problem, a "Diabetic Camp» is held annually, where children (12-18 of ages) get special diabetic education and adaptation in independent coexisting conditions under the supervision of qualified medical team (doctors, nurses and diabetic adolescents).
Within 10 days period they adjust insulin injection by themselves, learn insulin dose correction, take  and psychologically adapt to each other that is of great importance for children with diabetes (due to the  complex of inferiority).
The first such "Diabetic Camp" for Georgian children was held in 1995, (Hickory Hill, USA) under assistance of”Act-Georgia” and its first Director Prof. R. Jeims. Since 1996 up to days the international camp is arranged once a year in Georgia for Georgian and foreign children (in Georgia).












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