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On the 15th of  December, 2006,  on Mr. G. Amirkhanashvili’s  initiative  the Sports Club “Rubicon” was established and in the same day the presentation of football team - “Rubicon” was held as well. Team unites both adults with diabetes and healthy footballers. The idea concerning to the creation of new football team is based on the integration of children with diabetes and healthy ones. It is considered as one of the main purposes of rehabilitation Center.
Football team “Rubicon” took the second place in “Bendela Cup” – Mini-Football Memorial Tournament in 2006, leaving far behind the teams of famous football clubs.
In the following years “Rubicon” made great progress and won many tournaments. The captain of the football team is George Amirkhanashvili – the Vice-President of the Association for Protection of Children with Diabetes

“Bendela Cup” – Mini-Football Memorial Tournament, 2006, Sports Hall



“Bendela Cup” – Mini-Football Memorial Tournament, 2008, Sports Hall “Karishkhala”













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