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Prof. Koba Amirkhanashvili, Ph.D.

President of the Association for protection of children with diabetes

Doctor of Chemical Sciences, Professor
Elected Member of the Parliament of Georgia
1995-1999 and 1999-2004



Date of Birth:  5 August, 1954
Place of Birth: Mtskheta
1976 - Technical University of Georgia, Faculty of Physical Engineering
1980-1984 – Postgraduate Student of Moscow Physico-Technical Institution, studied at the Doctorate
1987-94 – Defense of Doctoral thesis
Scientific Degrees and Title: Doctor of Chemical Sciences, Professor
1985 – Defense of Thesis on Candidate of chemical Sciences; was awarded Ph.D. degree of Candidate of Chemical Sciences
1995 - Defense of Doctoral thesis: “Optimization of Chromatographic Studies”; was awarded degree of Doctor of Chemical Sciences
Working Experience:
1976-78 – Engineer at Special Design Office;  Junior, Senior, Leading and Chief Scientific Research worker and Head of the Laboratory at P. Melikishvili  S/R Institute of Physical and Organic Chemistry of Georgian Academy of Sciences.
The A Founder of the course of Computer Chemistry; from 1978 - the Head of the Laboratory of Computer Chemistry;  2006 - Scientist-Consultant 
Fields of Interests

  • Physical Chemistry, optimization of chromatographic studies;
  • Experiment Automation, data computer  processing, mathematical modeling of sorbtional processes.
  • Chemistry of coordinative compounds, magnetic and spectral features, X-ray structural analysis.

Scientific forums:
Participant of Many International and Local Conferences, Congresses and Symposia
Academic activities
Since 1985 he has led active pedagogic activities. At different periods of time he delivered lectures on Physical Chemistry  and special course for postgraduate students at the Higher Educational Institutions.
From 1998 – Professor at Iv.Javakhishvili Tbilisi State University;
1996-2006 – Participation in different State Grant Programs;
Member of Editorial Boards of different Scientific Journals;
Member of Several Scientific Boards;

Social  and Political Activities
1995-99; 1999-2004 –Elected Member of the Parliament of Georgia;

  • Member of  Defense and Security Committee - Parliament of Georgia
  • Chairman of the Subcommittee of Military Education and Technologies;
  • Member of the Committee of Healthcare and Social Defense

1995-1999 – Deputy Chairman of the Parliamentary Faction the“Citizen’s Union”
1999-2003 – Deputy Chairman of  Parliamentary  Majority;
Member of OSCE  parliamentary Assembly  and Parliamentary Congress of  Eurasian countries;
Active Participation in the struggle for territorial integrity of Georgia and a veteran of the wars and armed forces.
Founder and the President of the Diabetic Children's Protection Association – one of the first NGOs in Georgia;
Member of the International Diabetes Federation and European Association;
2001  - was awarded the honorable order for eminent contribution in treatment of children with diabetes of Georgia ( providing insulin injections) fruitful charity  and social activities

Georgian – Native
Russian – Fluently
German - Fluently
More than 100 scientific works and several monographers;
Marital status:
Two  Sons  - Giorgi and Nikoloz






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