Insulin, Insulin Analogous and Glycogen  Storage and their distribution


Within the frames of this program, storage and distribution of Insulin, Insulin analogous and Glycogen, Insulin- pens and  needles, produced by  “Novo Nordisk”  (Denmark) and  purchased  by the Agency of Health and Social Programs of Georgia, have been  planned.  
Above-mentioned insulin and its analogous are stored in special refrigerator/freezer units at condition of temperature (5-8°C).  
Distribution of Insulin, Insulin Analogous and Glycogen is carryed out at Association Office. There are particular cases when the parents are not able to apply for medications themselves, in such cases the mentioned medications will be supplied to them according to the addresses. 
Patients, 0-18 of ages take insulin and insulin analogous in pen fills.  The same services packages are foreseen for the following contingents as well:

a) Adults over 18 of age with weakened sight (or blinds), congenital cerebral paralysis  or   diabetes insipidus

b) Patients involved in integration program implemented  by the Association








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