Storage of Analyze-Technical Facilities, their Distribution and Self-Monitoring of Blood Glucose


Self-monitoring of blood glucose is carried out by “ACCU-CHEK ” ultramodern glucometers  (manufactured by ROSHE) .
The Association members are supplied with the appropriate test-rods and test- strips to measure ketone bodies and glucose in urine and lancets for taking blood, produced by the “ROSHE” company.
The similar services are available for the groups given below:

a) Adults with diabetes, more than 18 of ages, those with weakened sight (or blind) , congenital paralysis and diabetes insipidus;

b) Patients, involved  in Integration Program (realized  by the Association)

The age of patients, who are listed in a) and b) items, is not limited and extends to the patients registered by the Association 
In particular cases when the patients are not able to visit the office, they will be supplied by the above-mentioned medications according to the home addresses. 







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