Rehabilitation Program for Diabetic Children and Adults


“Rehabilitation Center for Diabetic Children” serves for sports-sanitation and psycho-social rehabilitation of diabetic children and adults. There are modern fitness centers, gym, sport-café and conference halls in the mentioned Center.  At present, girls and boys,  12-18 of ages, are undergoing the special training in the Rehabilitation Center.
Rehabilitation program foresees an adaptation of diabetic children at physical loadings (glicemia monitoring before / at and after physical loading). Individual schemes are developed for each child. The Sport-Club “Rubicon” was established on the base of Association, where the healthy children are trained together with the diabetic ones that gives the possibility of their social integration. The latter is considered as a matter of great importance for psycho-social rehabilitations of diabetic children and in this connection the Rehabilitation Center is the unique and unprecedented one throughout the world.  Mini-football team “Rubicon”, completed in accordance with the integration principle, within several years already, participated at various competitions and tournaments to excellent successes. Children’s sports-sanitation groups are served by the instructor-physicians that is necessary to avoid hypoglycemic comas at physical loadings.







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