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The members of the Association are actively involved and participate in both local and International scientific and educational conferences and events devoted to the rehabilitation activities of children and adults with diabetes. Namely, during the last 15 years the employees of the Association participated in all conferences and congresses held by the International Diabetes Federation (IDF) and the European Association for the Study of Diabetes (EASD). Some tens of scientific abstracts (verbal or poster papers) were submitted to the above-mentioned scientific forums and published by the Conference Publishing Services. 
It should be emphasized that most of them deserved high appraisal of well-known scientists. One of the employee of the Association defended the thesis and was awarded  Academic Degree -  Ph.D.
The scientific works of Association members on “Application of Insulin Analogous in Children and Adults with Diabetes and their Psychological Rehabilitation by optimization  of Physical loading”, submitted to the World Diabetes Congress of International Diabetes Federation (IDF) which was held in November, 2009 (Canada), deserved a great appreciation of scientists and was underlined in summary documentation of the Congress. 
It should be considered as a great success of our scientists.  The association will continue to care of improvement of its participants’ professional skill which is directly connected with high-quality care of patients with diabetes.







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