The Company "Novo Nordisk

Since the first years of the existence the Diabetic Children's Protection Association cooperates with the world famous insulin producer company "Novo Nordisk". The merit of this company is that fact, that during 1990 - 2000 children with diabetes of Georgia free-of-charge received the insulin of hundred thousand US dollars, technical means for the glucose analysis in blood and especially intramuscular medication glucagon, owing which we have not during these years lethal cases caused by hypoglycemic comas.

Since 2000 the aid from the company "Novo Nordisk" to the diabetic population of Georgia has grown. This growth is connected and caused by the vice-president of the company, Mr. Harry Itameri. Mr. Harry Itameri has arrived to Georgia first time by the invitation of Association in March, 2000, in connection with the jointly humanitarian action. The children and teenagers with diabetes of Georgia have received insulin, means for the analysis glucose in blood and gifts for the total sum of hundred thousand US dollars during this action. The president of Georgia Mr. Eduard Shevardnadze has been presented at realization of the humanitarian action. Some humanitarian action for the help of children with diabetes of Georgia was carried out after this action with active support of Mr. Harry Itameri.
The 2001 was very important for diabetic population of Georgia, when according to the joint decision of committee of parliament on public health services both social questions and state company of medical insurance was announced tender on state purchase insulin on 2001 - 2005. The company "Novo Nordisk" has won in the tender with the offer of delivery in Georgia human insulin, including free-of-charge insulin for the sum up to 10 million US dollars. By this decision Georgia became the fifth country in the world after Denmark, Norway, Sweden and Finland, which provides its population only with high-quality human insulin. The creation of such favorable conditions for Georgia first of all is connected to activity of Mr. Harry Itameri.
In 2001 the president of Georgia has appropriated to the citizen of USA, Mr. Harry Itameri, rank of the Honorable Citizen of Georgia for the large merits before diabetic population of Georgia. In the same year, per the tenth anniversary of independence of Georgia, the honorable citizen of Georgia has visited the North Pole, where has set up state flags of USA and Georgia.
Since 2002 the position of vice-president of the company "Novo Nordisk" is occupied by Mr. Sergei Smirnov. He, together with the manager in the Caucasian region Mr. Victor Vlasov plays the important role in the subsequent strengthening and expansion of cooperation between the company and association. It is especially necessary to note, that Sirs, Smirnov and Vlasov successfully continue tradition of the company "Novo Nordisk" in the sphere of the humanitarian aid to children with diabetes of Georgia.

Since 2001 at the centre of children with diabetes has opened the "Educational Centre of Diabetes". The centre has opened at support of the company "Novo Nordisk". The free-of-charge trainings at the matters of diagnostics, complication, treatment and monitoring of diabetes for the physicians carry out in this centre.







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