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Live with Diabetes” 

International Social Movement “Live with Diabetes” was founded on Prof. Koba Amirkhanashvili’s initiative on 17, November 2009. 
The International movement foundation ceremony took place in the Assembly Hall of the Diabetic Children Rehabilitation Center, where diabetic children, adults, their parents, outstanding people of our society and the authorities gathered to celebrate the World Diabetes Day.
The main purpose of the International Movement consists in consolidation of the communities as in Georgia as throughout the world  to attract attention of governmental bodies and the authorities to the diabetic patients for the purpose of forcing them to provide every assistance (medications and medical examinations, medical insurance, psychological rehabilitation  and etc.) within their power. Prof. Koba Amirkhanashvili unanimously was elected as a leader of the aforementioned Movement by the community and the participants.  According to the words of  Prof. Koba Amirkhanashvili  this movement is open for every citizens  and doesn’t foresee restrictions within the frame of its Regulations. Membership is free and every member is free in his/her decisions to leave the Movement (the Organizational Committee should be informed about their decision in advance).
Prof. Koba  Amirkhanashvili represented the  International Movement “Live with Diabetes” logo - the asymmetric blue circle symbol on the white background. The abbreviation  “LWD” in its center stands for “LIVE WITH DIABETES”. 
At the end of the forum Prof. Koba Amirkhanashvili mentioned that the information on the newly founded International Movement - “Live with Diabetes” will be sent to the International Diabetes Federation (IDF) and the Diabetes Associations and Federations in different countries.
Persons, willing to become the members, please contact us on the following address:







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