Our international relationships.



Since 1993 the association is actively involved in actions organized IDF and EASD. We attach

huge importance to an entry on international scene of our doctors and researchers. For last 20

years we have acquainted all the world with our achievements in the field of treatment and

rehabilitation of children with diabetics. Our scientific works have been highly estimated by

experts, and in some cases have been mentioned in resolutions of conferences. The association is

going to continue care of improvement of professional skills of the employees, that directly is

connected with quality of the help which we render to our patients.

I addition for participation in the international conferences and the congresses, the association

actively cooperates with diabetic associations and federations of many countries from the date of

foundation. We share experience and we carry out joint actions.

The association has lead the first joint action with US diabetic society. We have together

organized diabetic camp in the city of Colombia, state of Missouri (USA), in which our 20

diabetic children have taken part. This project has successfully been continued and DChPA and

USA funded organization "Act-Georgia" organises "Diabetic Camp" each summer, where under

supervision of qualified medical team (doctors, nurses, diabetic adolescents) children get special

diabetic education. This project has successfully been continued in a camping "Green Valley"

(Bakuriani, Georgia) while the state has not sold this camping and has not destroyed this unique

recreational oasis.

One of the first foreign organization from whom we have established communication, was the

regional diabetic organization of city of Nantes (France), in 1993. Later, under the invitation of

the French Diabetic Federation, we have signed the memorandum of long-term mutual

cooperation in Paris.

In 1998 the president of the International Federation of Diabetes Dr. Maria L de Alva, visiting

Georgia by invitation of the chairmen of Georgian Parliament and "Diabetic Children's

Protection Association", greatly appreciated the diabetic children’s treatment in Georgia and the

role of our Association.

The same friendly attitudes exist between our association and diabetic associations of Spain,

Italy, Egypt, Denmark, the USA, the Great Britain, Austria, Greece, Sweden, Germany, India,

Czechia, Poland, Hungary, Holland, Bulgaria, Israel, the Incorporated Arab Emirates, Latvia,

Lithuania, Ukraine, Belarus, Russia, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Kirghizia, Uzbekistan

and other countries.

The delegations and guests of honour from these countries often came to us as with the fact-

finding purposes, and for participation in the seminars, conferences and symposiums organized

by us.

At support of these and other countries there was our association member of IDF. In September,

2015 the association has received the status of the candidate in members, and on November,

30th, 2015 in Vancouver (Canada), on general assembly the association became 233-it full

member of IDF.

It is especially necessary to note support of the president of the International Federation of

Diabetes Dr Shaukat Sadicot and the president of IDF Europa Prof. Sehnaz Karadeniz. They

have visited our association few months prior to elections, closely and in details have

familiarized with our work and promised unconditional support in connection with membership

in IDF.

With acceptance of our association in members IDF the international diabetic society has stated

the highest estimation of 25 years of our work. Before, two members of IDF from one country

did not happen. We hope, that our precedent will be stimulus for further expansion IDF that is

very important for struggle against a diabetes.

It is separately necessary to note that fact, that our association is the first children's diabetic

organization in IDF, for all history of existence of this organization.




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