Diabetic School

In 1997, under the patronage of the Association, the first diabetic school for children and their parents  in the Pediatric Clinic of Tbilisi State Medical University (TSMU) has been established.
The training courses for diabetic children and their parents are carried out at "Diabetic School" located at the Endocrinology Department of the Pediatric Clinic of TSMU. 
The curriculum of five-day special program covers etiopathogenesis of diabetic mellitus, diet and insulin therapy, external conditions and a role of physical activities in case of diabetic mellitus. The school is equipped with the necessary visual remedies, appropriate literature, glucometers  and test-strips;  glicemi, glucosuria and acetone visual control tools. Education of children and their parents is carried out as at in-patient as out-patient environments. Every  participant is supplied with the materials, foreseen by the curriculum of “Diabetic School”  covering insulin acting scheme, principles of dietotherapy at diabetes mellitus  (per unit quantity of baked bread according to the age) and the scheme of product equivalent alterations in English and Russian languages. According to the ages, the school participants will be supplied with  the list of food products collection (1300 – 2500 kilocalory for 24hours).
It is especially necessary to note, that after finishing school each parent gets Glucagon which has a vital meaning at severe hypoglycemic coma. This agent saved tens of lives of children living in mountainous regions of Georgia as providing emergency services for this population is very complicated. 
Finishing the school each participant gets a special certificate.  Since 1997 up to 2016 the school attended about 5000 participants, among them were: parents, patient’s family members and physicians. 







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