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Educational Centre of Diabetes wos founded on the basis of Diabetic Children’s Protection Association. The centre has opened at support of the company "Novo Nordisk" in 2001. Center studying programs are determined for the physicians of different profiles, nurses, patients with diabetes  and the their family members. The program is based on the methodic recommendations of World Health Organization and studying programs of Steno Education Center (Denmark) Diabetes Education Center of East European Region of the Company “Novo Nordisk”, EASD and IDF recommendations. 

Local materials and documents based on the data of Diabetes National Register, created by the Association for protection of children with diabetes, were used as well. The Diabetes National Register  and its functioning proved to be a great assistance to multiparameter epidemiologic analysis, necessary for optimal distribution of medical, professional, financial and material-technical resources concerning to the diabetes and elaboration of practical plans for development of diabetology  services throughout the country.

 The main purpose of the program consists in the introduction of modern actual problems of diabetology to the participants.
Purpose and program of the course: 

  1. History of diabetes mellitus, its classification, etiopathogenesis, diagnostic criteria, modern methods for treatment and rehabilitation
  2. Diabetes mellitus - Type 1, conventional and modern schemes of insulinotherapy
  3. Diabetes mellitus - Type 2, modern aspects of mono-  and combined  insulinotherapy
  4. Insulin analogous and future prospect of insulinotherapy. Diabetic complications and their prevention
  5. Organization of diabetic assistance in Georgia and the prospects of its development . Diabetes medico-social aspects and legislation.                                                                  The program duration – 5 days. Teaching facilities:  wide spectrum of insulin preparations of different companies, insulin injection systems (insulin-pens belonging of different generations), tools for blood glucose analysis, urine glucose monitoring, tools for definition of ketone bodies  microalbuminuuria, antidiabetic  peroral medicines and other modern technical tools for diagnostics and treatment approved and practiced all over the world.                                                             At the beginning the lectures were delivered by the invited foreign specialists and leading endocrinologists of Georgia. Since its foundation the courses were attended by hundreds of physicians of different profiles, nurses and patients with diabetes.









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