Building of the Rehabilitation Center


Building of the Center was started on the initiative of Prof. Koba Amirkhanashvili in 1999. Designing works have been executed by the team of architects under the supervision of M.Chkhenkeli for a charitable purpose.
Due to the lack of finances, in 2000, building process was closed temporarily. Under the patronage of Georgian President Mikheil Saakashvili and support of the Company “Novo Nordisk”, designing works were renewed. It should be emphasized that Tbilisi Municipality did its bit in building process as well. 
In 2008 the Rehabilitation Center was built and equipped appropriately. During the Last years, some constructive works and material-technical outfit of the Center have been executed by Ministry of Labor, Health and Social Affairs of Georgia.
The Center covers a land area of more than 4000m2. The whole center is equipped with air-conditioning entirely. The building is equipped with the central heating system working as on natural air as on diesel fuel. Power supply - through two cable lines (main and emergency); if the mentioned lines will not be able to supply the current, the center has its own auto diesel-generator (40kvt) with its permanent supply to the building.
There is a ramp in the yard (slip road, specially built in the yard in accordance with the international standards) and a hydraulic lift installed in the building having allowed disabled persons to reach the different places and floors of the building (sport-café, gym, assembly hall and etc). 
The main sports arena, so called “Big Square” is equipped with the modern facilities, electric lighting, electric panel, comfortable changing-rooms and plural shower-baths. The modern trainer-simulators and other sports facilities are installed in the fitness center, located on the first floor where approximately 50 children and adults can be trained simultaneously. There is a special freezer compartment for storage of insulin and other medications. There are comfortable rooms and offices where we are creating favorable conditions for patients and their parents by providing services of high quality. Patients undergo glycohemoglobin tests at laboratory, equipped with the modern analyzer - type “D-10”. 
The center provides electronic security through the external and internal video-cameras controlling whole building.









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