Rehabilitation Center


The Rehabilitation Center for children with diabetes, which was opened on 14, November, 2008 covers a land area of 4000m2. 
In the wing “A” there is a laboratory room (for glycohemoglobin tests); a freezer compartment for insulin storage and a storage room for various medications and technical facilities (on the 1st floor)
Offices for patients with diabetes and their parents (foreseen by the State Program) and State Program Administration are situated on the 2nd and the 3rd floors. 
O n the 4th floor there is a small assembly hall with capacity of 60 persons. 
The central part and the wing “B” of the building is distinguished for the sports-recreational activities. Mainly: on the ground floor there is a fitness center, equipped with the modern facilities (with its changing rooms); on the 1st floor there are a main gym, changing rooms, doctor’s office and special san-units for disabled persons.
On the 2nd floor there is a sports-café and on the 3rd –the administration of the Rehabilitation Center and conference rooms, respectively.
On the 4th floor there is a big assembly hall, equipped with modern computer, audio and digital techniques where different types of conferences (scientific conferences, seminars, presentations and etc.) can be held. The mentioned hall is foreseen for 180 people. The building has a comfortable yard with technical units (heating, power supply, diesel-generators) and the ramp (slip road, built in accordance with the international standards) for disabled persons. There is a special lift installed in the wing “B” as well enabling the disabled persons to get to any floor of the building without delays. 
It should be emphasized that since its opening, the Center is carrying out the state program on treatment and rehabilitation of the children and adults with diabetes.











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